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Atlas Suites are one of the best examples of soothing architecture which depicts a lavish look as well as offer comfortable and luxury elements that are at par with high quality standards. Our suites in Toronto downtown are built with different tiles making it easy and convenient to differentiate from the others. Its unique selling point is its locational advantage to many amenities and the inclusion of world class facilities that match with any other luxury hotel.

If you want to catch a glimpse of different suites you can have a look at the Atlas Suites image display gallery below of images depicting different décor and designs. Every suite carries different elements and design that are most attractive. Visitors are welcomed with a soothing and lavish set up besides added comforts of in-house conveniences. The rooms are made to reflect its natural shades that complement the outdoor views of the spectacular city of Toronto. Everyone enjoys beautiful views and each suite offered by Atlas Suites is designed to give you just that. Whatever the location you may choose, you will be entertained with spectacular views that enhance your living to the hilt. You enjoy value for money accommodation that is setup near all class-apart facilities and is close to important financial, entertainment and recreational landmarks from hospitals to stores, shops, etc.